It’s hot. With the sun beating down so much that my lawn looks like August already and with no central air, it’s hard to get anything done, not even to come up with something new to write about, but I do have some unfinished business to attend to.

A couple of months ago, I was honored by a Blogging 101 classmate with a “Sunshine Award,” which bloggers award to other bloggers they admire. My classmate, “Hobbit Queen” blogs about her adventures in beekeeping, with interesting information about bees and amusing anecdotes about her family’s experiences as beginning beekeepers. Speaking of beginners, I hardly feel deserving of such recognition, but I really appreciate her kind comments about what she’s gotten out of my writing. It always feels good to get compliments!

The non-required requirements of the award are to pass it on to ten other deserving bloggers and to share ten interesting facts about oneself. I’ll start with one admission: I’m a bit of a curmudgeon. I don’t really like these sorts of things, not even recipe chains. So I’m going to skip the other nine facts about myself—some will surely come out in other posts anyway. On the other hand, I hate being the one to drop the ball (I usually send a recipe back without forwarding the chain on), and I’m touched by the good-spirited nature of this award, so I do want to pass it on and to let more people know about some interesting blogs.

I’m not going to come up with ten though, because I want to stick with bloggers I know personally—though many only virtually—starting with some other Blogging 101 classmates. I do have to mention previous Sunshine award winner fantasy fiction writer Sandra Bell Kirchman, not only for her blog but also because she’s so supportive of her fellow writers.

  • At AnimalsOurEVERYTHING! Janet Herring-Sherman, a fellow freelance writer, writes with heart about all sorts of aspects of humans’ relationships with animals, including but not limited to her own personal encounters.
  • Book Club Cheerleader Marsha Toy Engstrom reviews books and writes on all sorts of topics related to books, writers, and book clubs.
  • “Atticus Freeman” is the most organized and dedicated blogger I know. In class he had the best, most detailed plans for his blog, and he puts them into practice in his interesting blog on self-reliance and emergency preparedness.
  • Atticus did me the honor of reviewing a book I suggested by Kalamazoo writer Bonnie Jo Campbell. Her novel Once Upon a River, with its teen heroine who lives by her wits and sharpshooting skills out of a river boat, seemed right up his alley. Bonnie Jo blogs about life in the “swamp” and her book tour escapades at Gorilla Girl Adventures (and formerly at The Bone-eye).
  • Amy Newday, a Kalamazoo-area poet, teacher, and farmer, writes about and posts pictures and recipes from her sustainable farm at Harvest of Joy Farm.
  • Finally, I know Elizabeth Wein from our mutual hobby of change ringing (one odd fact about myself I will have to address later). She writes novels for young adults, including a brand-new thriller, Code Name Verity, an excellent story about the friendship between two young women, a spy and a pilot during World War II. Her blog about living in Scotland and her life as an author is eegatland.livejournal.com.