Articles and News Releases

I have written articles on local news and civic issues, nature and outdoor recreation, science and technology, education, health and safety, home improvement and gardening, and general human interest topics.

Encore Magazine

I have written over two dozen profiles of notable individuals and organizations in the Kalamazoo area, including the following:

* cover stories

Kalamazoo Gazette

I wrote the following articles as community relations coordinator for Kalamazoo Nature Center. These appeared in a monthly column about nature center events and programs and a weekly nature column.

I wrote the following articles as a correspondent for the paper’s marketing department. These how-to and advice articles appeared in special advertising supplements.

Press Publications

I wrote over 100 news and feature articles for a suburban Chicago newspaper group.



I served three years as volunteer editor of a quarterly association journal. I have copy-edited an instructional guide book for property tax assessors, newsletters and annual reports for a large non-profit nature center, several papers for research journals, and various other documents.

Technical Writing

I have authored on-line help systems and training manuals for multiple products of a governmental software company. In addition, I produced configuration and implementation documentation for system administrators. I also created and maintained a style guide for documentation standards and monitored user interface standards and usability.


3 thoughts on “Portfolio”

  1. Janet Herring-Sherman said:

    Hi Kathryn,
    Your blog looks great! It’s given me some ideas of how to organize
    my work when I get to that point…this is a process isn’t it! I love the photo
    of your pooch in the snow. It looks sooooo cold! And I think Dog as Office Mate has great potential. Maybe you’d consider a guest post on my blog — again, when I get to that point — which I hope to spend the week after Christmas doing. Please stay in touch. And finally, I meet someone else who has written “advertorial” copy and taken it seriously. Good luck, Janet

  2. Thank you, Janet! I’d love to stay in touch. Do let me know when your blog is up, and I’d be honored to do a guest post.

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