Photo Album

Stetson Chapel Ringing Room

Stetson Chapel ringing room

Asylum Lake

Asylum Lake

Stetson Chapel

Stetson Chapel, Kalamazoo College

Spring Snake

Milk snake and stink bug



Beach stones

beach stones


bloodroot and dutchman's breeches

February in Michigan

february 19 / february 21

Graham in the Woods


Red Leaves, Rooftop

red leaves



Early Spring Snowdrops


Snowy Rooftop

snowy rooftop

Bend in the road

bend in the road

Lake Huron before sunset

Lake Huron before sunset

Redbud in bloom

redbud in bloom

Blueberry bushes in winter

blueberry bushes in winter

Autumn walk at Yankee Springs

walk in autumn woods


1 thought on “Photo Album”

  1. These are gorgeous photos. I think you are gonna have fun writing articles and adding photos to them. WordPress has a weekly photo challenge with a different theme each week. This week (until Thursday midnight), the theme is Spring. Go here for details.

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